Small Business HR outsourcing is important for any size business, as it’s critical to manage, protect and grow the assets of your company. Human Resources – the most valuable assets of all – need the same attention, but many companies lack the wherewithal to handle them properly. The AjaPreneur Consulting Agency turns these challenges into opportunities with flexible, affordable support for any or all your HR outsourcing functions to help alleviate these potentially costly HR consequences.


It’s no secret that HR outsourcing of human resources departments are becoming more of the norm. Nowadays, if a HR leader still stands they are being pulled into more administrative roles and becoming distracted from handling HR-only related company needs. Today nearly 85% of organizations outsource at least some HR functions to agencies like the AjaPreneur Consulting Agency to strengthen employment law compliance, improve productivity and save money. What goes on behind the scenes in human resources can have a huge impact on your bottom line. That’s why so many companies trust the AjaPreneur Consulting Agency to handle their outsourcing services.


HR Outsourcing: Key Benefits of the Service

Having the right HR outsourcing support in place is crucial to your company’s success. Let our the AjaPreneur Consulting Agency experts take the burden off your shoulders by providing in-depth, up-to-date HR solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs.


David Greene, Owner of Alton Software. “I love the outsourcing our recruiting services to The AjaPreneur Consulting Agency. There staff is so friendly, they always find the best quality of candidates, and since outsourcing to The AjaPreneur Consulting Agency, We have seen a significant decrease in turnover”. 

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