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As a small business, you know it’s critical to manage, protect and grow your assets. Human Resources is the most valuable assets of all. Human resources needs the same attention as many areas of your small business but many companies lack the financial resources or support to hire a Full-time HR professional. That’s why I founded the AjaPreneur Consulting Agency; to be a resource for all Small businesses by providing HR solutions that will optimize your business.

Over the past decade, Human Resources has changed a lot. In-house HR departments was once the norm. Now, over 70% of organizations outsource their HR functions to agencies like The AjaPreneur Consulting Agency. We know there’s not enough hours in the day for a small business owner to focus on customers or clients, hiring employees, and focus on growing your business.

It’s time you get some of those much needed hours back with our HR outsource services.

At The AjaPreneur Consulting Agency, we would like to relieve our small business owners like yours of HR-related demands. Our agency offers flexible and affordable HR services that are designed to give our clients piece of mind. Our team is here to manage comprehensive HR projects and provide our expertise on what’s right for you as you continue to grow both with efficiency and professionally.

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